La Vita Organica - Eat This, Not That

September 16, 2016

La Vita Organica - Eat This, Not That

In order to stop baking from getting in the way of healthy eating habits, we have compiled a few of our favorite baking substitutions, so you can continue eating healthy and keep those treats coming!

Whole wheat flour rather than white flour.

This substitution adds a kick of fiber. Whole wheat flour is made with real wheat grains whereas white flour is made with processed wheat grains. This healthy substitute is a must when baking, because you’re gaining vitamins that you wouldn’t have otherwise---who doesn’t love that?

Apple sauce rather than sugar.

This substitution makes a big difference! Apple sauce has its own healthy sweetness and drastically reduces the calories. Sugar can carry around 700 calories, and applesauce has as little as 100! Also, it packs in more vitamins and minerals. It’ll take some work in order to even out the consistency, so make sure you reduce the liquids in the recipe. It’s definitely worth it.

Avocado rather than butter.

Avocado makes your dish soft and moist--and it lowers the calories! It is always nice to know you’re throwing in vitamins such as potassium, and fiber, and you can substitute in a 1:1 ratio! Sorry, butter.

Enjoy these healthy tips for your treats while holding on to your healthy eating habits!