La Vita Organica - Farmer's Market Fresh

August 31, 2016

La Vita Organica - Farmer's Market Fresh

La Vita Organica – Farmers Market Fresh

Organico Bello pasta sauces are made with farm fresh ingredients. The simplicity of the sauce—and knowing where your food is from and what’s in it—highlights the true joy of eating.

Buying organic products is not always easy and it can lead us to resort to buying products without knowing the ingredients. Check out our What's in a Name? blog post for information about labels and and ingredients in our Organico Bello sauces.

Instead of rolling that shopping cart past aisles of pre-packaged, processed cans and boxes at the chain grocery store, try shopping at your local farmer’s market.

You will Know Where It’s From: You can speak to the man who knows how and where the food was produced. Talk to the supplier and learn his story—how his work brought the food in front of you, and the precise ingredients he used.

A Food for all Seasons: Eating with the seasons mean that the food you’re buying is fresh and ripe, and eating fresh and locally grown seasonal food is better for your health!

Support Locals: Meet your local farmers, learn about the food in your area, make new friends and expand your horizons—the farmers are proud of their produce and want to speak with you about it. They will have recipe ideas, and some fascinating stories. The Farmer’s market is a chance to join the community and ask questions about the local food.

Join the Conversation: Rather than running in and out of a grocery store, take your time to walk around, chat with the locals, taste new food, and make the experience of buying food for the week both pleasurable and educational.

Ready to buy local? Visit USDA Farmer's Market Search to find a Farmer’s Market near you!