La Vita Organica - Organic Christmas Wrapping Party

December 20, 2016

La Vita Organica - Organic Christmas Wrapping Party

Have yourself a very Merry Organic Christmas!

The Christmas season is full of love and generosity, but it can also generate a lot of waste. In order to reduce the Holiday footprint, we are having a wrapping party... without wrapping paper! We'd love to see your creativity so wrap a gift with anything you can find and post a photo on Instagram or Facebook, tagging us with the hashtag #OrganicoBelloWrapping!

Here are some ideas...

  1. Newspaper: wrap with newspaper and tie a bow on top for a very classic look!
  2. Magazines: go through your giant stack of magazines and cut out pretty pictures! Your gift will look beautiful wrapped in Bon Appetit Magazine cutouts.
  3. Paper Bags: brown paper bags look beautiful with twine and leaves!

Inspired? Let's see what you can create while you reduce, reuse, and recycle! Happy Organic Christmas, everyone!