La Vita Organica - We Love Pasta!

October 05, 2016

La Vita Organica - We Love Pasta!


October is National Pasta Month! We are celebrating by bringing you the best pasta cooking techniques along with some of our favorite recipes—so that you, too, can enjoy the month that celebrates “the world’s favorite food” (and ours, too!)

Let’s start with the basics:

There are many different types of pasta of varied shapes and sizes. Check out our Pasta Map and begin to explore a few of the many dishes you can create.

Conchiglioni: big shells, perfect for baking! Check out our video recipe for Kale Ricotta Stuffed Shells. Start thinking about all of the different fillings! Pumpkin, anyone?

Penne: Penne can be paired with virtually any type of sauce, so get creative! We recommend the classic Penne Alla Forno—it's healthy, too!  

Farfalle: “Farfalle” literally means butterfly in Italian. It is perfect for a cold or hot pasta.

Orecchiete: this pasta is shaped like a small bowl, so it's perfect for catching hunks of meat and vegetables. Try with our Organico Bello Kale Tomato Basil Pasta sauce along with sausage and kale! 

Ditali or Ditalini: These pastas are formed in a small tube, perfect for vegetable soups such as Spicy Minestrone Soup!