La Vita Organica – “What’s in a Name?”

August 25, 2016

La Vita Organica – “What’s in a Name?”

Would food taste just as yummy with an unhealthy label? Perhaps, but why not pair that great taste with an extra dash of joy that comes from knowing that the food you’re eating and serving to your family and friends is of the best quality! We at Organico Bello are proud of our transparent and easy-to-read ingredients. Go ahead and pick up one of our jars and take a look. In case you don’t have a jar nearby (though you should because our sauces are super convenient to find – check out this map for the closest location near you), here’s the ingredient list for our Kale Tomato Basil pasta sauce: Imported organic Italian tomatoes, organic fresh kale, organic onions, organic extra virgin olive oil, sea salt, organic basil, organic white pepper, organic black pepper.

Sounds delicious and there’s not an unpronounceable word in sight! True Italian dishes are made with simple, quality, and fresh ingredients combined with care and patience. Our pasta sauces are made with real tomatoes instead of puree, so there’s no added water to dilute the flavor!  We want our food products to reflect the authenticity found in homemade food. Our ingredients are chosen for their quality and freshness, which is why you’ll find on the front of our labels the phrase No Sugar Added, since there’s no need to mask unpleasant flavors with lots of added sugar. The natural merits of wholesome ingredients allow true flavors shine through and blend together. No fillers allow the ingredients’ subtleties to shine through and add depth to each pasta sauce.

For those who are following a Gluten-Free diet for health and/ or wellness reasons, there are some great foods that are naturally gluten-free, such as fruits, nuts, meat, fish, beans, rice, corn, apple cider vinegar and other vinegars! And we’re happy to report that all of our pasta sauces are naturally Gluten-Free, due to the ingredients we put in our food products. There are many different ways to prepare Italian food without pasta – zoodles are a yummy alternative to traditional pasta, or turn it into a cozy soup by adding a cream of your choice! Check out all our Gluten-Free recipe ideas.

Taking care of our bodies goes hand in hand with taking care of the earth, so we strive to use Organic ingredients that are produced in ways that seek to preserve the environment. Organico Bello pasta sauce ingredients are organically grown without synthetic materials like pesticides and antibiotics, and are kept separated from non-organic foods. To learn more about organic certification check

While most health organizations have concluded that GMOs are safe for animals and people, there is still concern over eventual side effects of GMOs vs Non-GMOS. Modified organisms possess traits that make them more resilient to pests and able to produce more abundantly. However, they have the potential to transfer these traits to other plants such as weeds, making those plants more difficult to get remove from farms. This forces farmers to alter environmentally-safe farming methods to get rid of weeds. Though Organically Certified food products by definition cannot be made with genetically modified organisms, we add this label onto our products to add assurance to our customers who may not be familiar with the nuances of Organic vs. non-GMO products.


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