Non-GMO Project Verified

All Organico Bello® products are Non-GMO Project Verified.


Below, you can find more information about GMOs and the verification process. 


What is a GMO?

A GMO is a genetically modified organism.


What does that mean?

A GMO has genes that have been modified by scientific technology. The modifications are typically meant to make the organisms (typically plants) more resistant to pests and capable of producing more abundantly.


Are GMOs dangerous?

Most health and food organizations have now concluded that GMOs are safe for animals and people. Nonetheless, many are concerned about the eventual side effects of producing and consuming GMOs. One concern is the possibility of environmental damage. Modified genes have the potential to flow from crops to other plants — such as weeds — and therefore transfer traits meant to aid the crops in resiliency. This could result in “superweeds” — weeds more resilient to common herbicides. In turn, farmers would have to alter their current, environmentally-safe options in order to get rid of the weeds.


What is Non-GMO Project Verification?

Non-GMO Project Verification follows a specific standard developed by dozens of experienced individuals with insight into the food industry and the science of genetic modification to determine whether a product can be labeled Non-GMO. 


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